The AH'16 Awards are listed on this page: AH2016 Awards

The AH'15 Awards were won by:
  • Best Paper Award: "Vision Enhancement: Defocus Correction via Optical See-Through Head-Mounted DisplaysAuthors", Yuta Itoh and Gudrun Klinker
  • Best Short Paper Award: "LumoSpheres, Real-Time Tracking of Flying Objects and Image Projection for a Volumetric Display", Hiroaki Yamaguchi and Hideki Koike
  • Best Demo Award: "Mutual Hand Representation for Telexistence Robots using Projected Virtual Hands", Mhd Yamen Saraiji, Charith Lasantha Fernando, Kouta Minamizawa, Susumu Tachi
  • Best Paper Award: "DIY IR Sensors for Augmenting Objects and Human Skin", Paul Strohmeier
  • People's Choice, 1st place, Student Design Competition: "Truth?", Team: Dongyu Wang, Eria Chita, Angelia Stefani, and Dixon Lo
  • People's Choice, 2nd place, Student Design Competition:"Chronobelt", Team: Tomo Kihara
  • Judge's Choice, 1st place, Student Design Competition: "Tasteworks", Team: Daniel Garrett and Alexandre Kitching
  • Judge's Choice, 2nd place, Student Design Competition: "Labella", Team: Teresa Almeida, Gavin Wood, and M. Asmuni M. Saraf
The AH'14 Awards were won by:
Best Paper "AroundMe : Tominaga, Kawauchi, Rekimoto"
Best Presentation "JackIn: Kasahara, Rekimoto"

The AH'13 Best Paper Award was won by:
Kurara Fukumoto, Tsutomu Terada and Masahiko Tsukamoto
A Smile/Laughter Recognition Mechanism for Smile-based Life Logging

The AH'12 Best Papers Awards were :
1) Yuki Kuniyasu, Michi Sato, Shogo Fukushima and Hiroyuki Kajimoto. Transmission of Forearm Motion by Tangential Deformation of the Skin
2) Shogo Fukushima and Hiroyuki Kajimoto. Facilitation of Surprise Feeling by Artificial Control of Piloerection on the Forearm
3) Shoichi Hasegawa, Seiichiro Ishijima, Fumihiro Kato, Hironori Mitake and Makoto Sato. Realtime Sonification of Center of Gravity for Skiing

AH'11 did happen in Tokyo but due to the earthquake that happened during the conference, it was a broadcasted edition with some information here

AH'10 Best Paper Award was won by Prof. Dimitri Tsetserukou