AH 2010

The first “Augmented Human (AH)” International Conference was held in the French ski resort called Megève, one of the twelve Best of the Alps resorts, on April 2nd and 3rd 2010. There was a parallel high-tech fair in Megève at the same time of the Augmented Human International Conference with sport well-being products and services and business angel meetings for innovative companies in the field.

exosqueleton conference researchAH'10 award Dimitri Tsetserukou

The proceedings of AH'10 conference have been released online in the ACM Digital Library.

The accepted papers are published as a volume of the ACM International Conference Proceedings Series with ISBN 978-1-60558-825-4:

"ExoInterfaces: Novel Exosceleton Haptic Interfaces for Virtual Reality, Augmented Sport and Rehabilitation", Dzmitry Tsetserukou, Katsunari Sato and Susumu Tachi.
augmented human conference

"PossessedHand: A Hand Gesture Manipulation System using Electrical Stimuli", Emi Tamaki, Miyaki Takashi and Jun Rekimoto.

"A GMM based 2-stage Architecture for Multi-Subject Emotion Recognition using Physiological Responses", Yuan Gu, Su Lim Tan, Kai Juan Wong, Moon-Ho Ringo Ho and Li Qu.

"Gaze-Directed Ubiquitous Interaction Using a Brain-Computer Interface", Dieter Schmalstieg, Alexander Bornik, Gernot Mueller-Putz and Gert Pfurtscheller.

"Relevance of EEG Input Signals in the Augmented Human Reader", Inês Oliveira, Ovidiu Grigore, Nuno Guimarães and Luís Duarte.

"Brain Computer Interfaces for Inclusion", Paul McCullagh, Melanie Ware, Gaye Lightbody, Maurice Mulvenna, Gerry McAllister and Chris Nugent.

"Emotion Detection using Noisy EEG Data", Mina Mikhail, Khaled El-Ayat, Rana El Kaliouby, James Coan and John J.B. Allen.

"World's First Wearable Humanoid Robot that Augments Our Emotions", Dzmitry Tsetserukou and Alena Neviarouskaya.

"KIBITZER: A Wearable System for Eye-Gaze-based Mobile Urban Exploration", Matthias Baldauf, Peter Fröhlich and Siegfried Hutter.

"Airwriting Recognition using Wearable Motion Sensors", Christoph Amma, Dirk Gehrig and Tanja Schultz.

"Augmenting the Driver's View with Real-Time Safety Related Information", Peter Fröhlich, Raimund Schatz, Peter Leitner, Stephan Mantler and Matthias Baldauf.

"An Experimental Augmented Reality Platform for Assisted Maritime Navigation", Olivier Hugues, Jean-Marc Cieutat and Pascal Guitton.

"Skier-ski System Model and Development of a Computer Simulation Aiming
to Improve Skier’s Performance and Ski", François Roux, Gilles Dietrich and Aude-Clémence Doix.

"T.A.C: Augmented Reality System for Collaborative Tele-Assistance in the Field of Maintenance through Internet." Sébastien Bottecchia, Jean Marc Cieutat and Jean Pierre Jessel.

Megève smart ski resort

"Designing and Evaluating Advanced Interactive Experiences to Increase
Visitor’s Stimulation in a Museum", Benedicte Schmitt, Cédric Bach and Emmanuel Dubois.

"Partial Matching of Garment Panel Shapes with Dynamic Sketching Design", Shuang Liang, Rong-Hua Li, George Baciu, Eddie C.L. Chan and Dejun Zheng.

"Fur Interface with Bristling Effect Induced by Vibration", Masahiro Furukawa, Yuji Uema, Maki Sugimoto and Masahiko Inami.

"Evaluating Cross-Sensory Perception of Superimposing Virtual Color onto Real Drink: Toward Realization of Pseudo-Gustatory Displays", Takuji Narumi, Munehiko Sato, Tomohiro Tanikawa and Michitaka Hirose.

"The Reading Glove: Designing Interactions for Object-Based Tangible Storytelling", Joshua Tanenbaum, Karen Tanenbaum and Alissa Antle.

"Control of Augmented Reality Information Volume by Glabellar Fader", Hiromi Nakamura and Homei Miyashita.

"Towards Mobile/Wearable Device Electrosmog Reduction", Jean-Marc Seigneur, Xavier Titi and Tewfiq El Maliki.

"Bouncing Star Project: Design and Development of Augmented Sports Application Using a Ball Including Electronic and Wireless Modules", Osamu Izuta, Toshiki Sato, Sachiko Kodama and Hideki Koike.

"On-line Document Registering and Retrieving System for AR Annotation Overlay", Hideaki Uchiyama, Julien Pilet and Hideo Saito.

"Augmenting Human Memory using Personal Lifelogs", Yi Chen and Gareth Jones.

"Aided Eyes: Eye Activity Sensing for Daily Life", Yoshio Ishiguro, Adiyan Mujibiya, Takashi Miyaki and Jun Rekimoto.