AH 2016 Student Design Competition

Student Design Competition 

The space for installing the selected student design will be open at 10am until 3pm on the 25th of February in the hall outside the auditorium. A white table of size 60cm x 152cm will be provided as well as a few chairs and electricity outlets nearby the tables. Free public Wi-Fi is available via phone number registration (Wi-Fi speed may therefore not be high). There is not much space between the demos tables. 

During the conference demos session, from 1pm to 2:20pm, the students will present their work to the participants. Each participant will vote for one of the students designs. 

The winning student design award will given during the conference ceremony awards on February 26th in the auditorium. All participants students of selected designs will receive an official certificate of selection and participation.

(Past) Call for Student Design Competition projects and volunteers

With the advent of on-body sensors and ubiquitous computing systems, technology can be used to enhance our capabilities and augment our perception to create highly customizable, personal feedback loops of our surroundings. The world as we know it is no more. Now imagine the world as we don't know it. Defy our notion of the physical by using the digital! We invite you to create augmented systems that challenge our perception of our existing reality. What happens as our reality becomes skewed? How will  we react? What if your friend's forehead becomes a display? Could this enable human-human interaction? Could we broadcast our mood and create wearable social networks? What if we could create our own theme songs using your emotional state. You are only limited by your own creativity! Now go augment!

10 design projects submitted by students or team of students will be selected for presentation during the conference with official signed certificates of selection and Student Design Competition awards and prizes during the conference based on public/participants votes and researchers votes. Design projects including software complying to the following rules will get higher chance to get the researcher votes:
  • All the software in the device is free as define here http://gnu.org/philosophy/free-sw.html.
  • The device communicates digitally only through documented APIs.
  • If the device does digital communication, it is accompanied by a free program that the user can run to talk to the device.
  • That program must be capable of running on GNU/Linux or Replicant (but it may also be capable of running on other platforms).

If you are interested to help for the Student Design Competition organization, get an official signed certificate of participation to its organization and discounts for the conference, please contact support@augmented-human.com !

  • The design may be proposed by one person only or a team of up to 5 students, possibly from different schools but a participant cannot belong to two or more teams. 
  • Imagine an AH device based on this competition's theme. You can design (or redesign) an everyday object, a wearable form of technology, a toy, a gaming system, etc. The project can be for the elderly, for yourself, for your favorite pet, for a child, for an artist, or more! The possibilities are endless!
  • Submit your AH idea by November 15th, 2015 including
    • Project Name
    • Project Detail (100-200 words)
    • Sketch (optional but strongly encouraged / maximum 3 file / jpg or pdf)
    • Video (optional but strongly encouraged/ maximum 3 min. / mov, mp4, avi, or youtube, vimeo, etc.)
  • If you are selected, create a prototype based on your idea to be presented at the conference
  • Bring your prototype, and demo at the conference 
  • and maybe win the prize! 
A registration waiver will be provided for at least one member of the team to attend the conference. We will be providing partial financial assistance for travel support on a case by case basis. Please email support@augmented-human.com with an itemized list of requested funding.

November 15th, 2015: Student Design Competition Submission Deadline
December 5th, 2015: Author Acceptance/Rejection Notification for Student Design Competition 
February 25-27, 2016:  Conference in Geneva (25-26) and nearby ski resort for Augmented Winter Sports session (27) with organized transport